Get paid to share your opinions.

You are Market Research.

Do you live in the CT/Boston area and like to share your opinions?  Companies often seek to understand the perceptions of people like you in order to effectively provide the products and services people need.  

By joining our panel, we will invite you to participate in paid research studies / focus groups based on your profile and our clients' needs.  If you choose to participate, you can respond to the invitation, but the choice is always yours.

If you are interested in having your opinions heard, fill out and submit the form on this page to take the           first step.  And tell a friend!

  1.   Join this panel.  
  2.   GreatBlue will send invitation e-mails to our panel when opportunities become available.
  3.   Respond to the invitation e-mail if you are interested.
  4.   GreatBlue will call respondents and go through some qualifying questions with them.
  5.   Panelists who qualify will be scheduled for a certain date/time.
  6.   Prior to the study, participants will receive a confirmation e-mail and a confirmation phone call to verify date/time/participation.
  7.  Study takes place and participants are paid upon completion.

Note:  Please know that we and our clients rely on participants' commitment to the process, so follow through on that commitment is key.  Payment is only provided for full participation. 

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